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WEBNESBAY On July - 7 - 2012

After looking at the title you must be surprised :-) . Well this is a tutorial is really to hide any file inside a picture. Interesting? Yes you can. This is useful to hide any on your secret files like credit card details, SIN Details, Bank details etc. Ok, Lets step into the tutorial

You need no to download any of the tool for performing this task. You can do this tutorial on rar, mp3, wav files etc. I have tried using zip file but it didn’t worked.

Step 1] Create a folder under c: drive and place an image and your secret file as shown in the below screenshot.

Folder with Files

Step 2] Now create a rar file by selecting the two image files as shown in the below screenshot.

Secret File

Secret File

Step 3] Now you need to open the DOS or command prompt by Start > Run Type ‘cmd’. Navigate to c:\webnesbay (In my case). After that enter the below command in the command prompt

Here is the screenshot after giving the above command. A new file is created

Command Prompt

 c:\webnesbay>copy /b lavanya.jpg + mysecret.rar cute_lavanya.jpg

Step 4] This is the last step. The new picture cute_lavanya.jpg is a nested picture file which has hidden file stored in it. You can observe the created file as shown in the figure.

Hidden file with image

Now if you open the above image it will open as image only. Any time if you want to access the file CreditCardandBank.txt simply change the extension name as .rar and you can access the file

File Hidden with Image

That’s it !!! In this way you can keep the file as secret. Enjoy :-)

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3 Responses

  1. Andre Lopes says:

    It also works with 7-Zip and its 7z format.

  2. aefji says:

    this only hides file from the view but does not make it inaccessible
    if you really want to HIDE something use encryption software, i can recommend TrueCrypt.

  3. DavidZB says:

    Very funny, quite usefull.

    I wonder if it would work in Linux too… or if the final file would still be “secret” in linux, or Mac.

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