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WEBNESBAY On July - 10 - 2012

If your winrar is annoying message with Please purchase, you can stop it or remove it using Resource Hacker. Please follow the below steps.

Step1] First download ResHacker…20&t=0&i=1

Step 2] Please backup the winrar.exe file from Program files

Step 3] Then open up ResHacker, and select ”Open” from File menu as shown in the below screenshot.

[Image: 1eat0110.png]

Now select WinRAR.exe, Now press “CTRL+F” and type in: ‘please purchase’

Then click “Search” and you will find some stuff. Like here

[Image: dlgupj10.png]

Don’t do anything yet! Let me explain how to do it. Right click on the red squared-text, like this:

[Image: 1zgc9k10.jpg]

Now click “Delete Resource”

[Image: 103uek10.png]

Now save the file

[Image: wsjvxl10.png]

If the above process doen’t works for you just replace “WinRAR.exe” with the original file which we have take backup

Reference Crackhackforum

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