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WEBNESBAY On August - 28 - 2009

This is new trick to hack web cam of Yahoo messenger. We can view the other persons Yahoo Webcam, Who is always denying us.


Follow the below steps to do this

1) Open the following location C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger

2) You will find the file ” res_msgr.dll “. Delete this file.

3) Download this cracked file from the below link

Click Here

4) After Downloading it, Paste this in (C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger)

NOTE: Don’t replace the file. Delete the file first and then paste the cracked file in the same folder

Then close every thing and restart the system…

How it works?

The cracked “dll” file should be placed in the victims computer (whose web cam u want to see). Then you go back to your system and login to your messenger and place a “request” to see their cam. Then definitely they will press “NO” this is the place where the crack will work. The moment they press “NO” u will start seeing them. This is the hack. Enjoy :-)

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27 Responses

  1. enrico says:

    is this really true…

  2. MrNikz says:

    doesn’t work for yahoo messenger version 9.0

  3. zoom says:

    how will we place this cracked file in the victim’s computer?

  4. zoom says:

    i simply deleted the dll and pasted the cracked- restarted the system. but no result. my YM version is

  5. mark says:

    tnx 4 traying dow plis make a new 1 for 9.0 tnx

  6. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  7. Zerin says:

    why can’t delete “res_msgr.dll” file? the message shows under protected

  8. romez says:

    will it work in the latest messenger

  9. edelmar552 says:

    does it work for version 10

  10. ALTHAF says:

    my messanger I try ur says trick so my yahoo 9.0 restar after open yahoo RUN TIME ERROR COMING PLEASE HELP ME

  11. fizz says:

    brother ma antivirus avast is nt accepting thiz file?????????????can yu guid me pleej?

  12. Hacking someones msn is great fun, this website lets you hack into someones msn account, see How to hack MSN

  13. khan says:

    how to know yahoo friend ip address ??/

  14. kaustubh says:

    nope dear its not working…iam using the 10th version n after deleting res_msgr.dll n copying the same file from d above link, the messenger is not starting.

  15. john says:

    its really interesting, i m so much interested to know more tricks from you please. how will we place this cracked file in the victim’s computer? ? ?…….This is my doubt …

  16. Zerocool says:

    on wich version of yahoo its work tell me?

  17. sam says:

    does it work on ym 11 ? please reply

  18. ahmedalyakoob says:

    i think all have to leave this studib page

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