How to start creating a website?

How to start creating a website?

Today it is difficult to find a business that does not have its own website. Although many businessmen prefer to give work on it to the hands of designers and developers, it is still worthwhile to understand the basic stages of developing a website. With this knowledge, you can more closely monitor the work of contractors and understand the nuances of this process.

  1. Study of business

First of all, an experienced web developer will necessarily study your business, its target audience, needs and subtleties. These are the first stages of creating a web site. The information received during the analysis can be used during the next stages of development. Not understanding the specifics of business is difficult to create an Internet resource that can bring benefits.

  1. Building a structure

Creating the correct hierarchy of pages and the structure of the resource in general are the main stages of creating an online store site. Of course, for other websites, the structure is important, but in the case of online trading, especially if the online store has a wide range of products, it is absolutely necessary to think through and structure all the sections correctly.

This is a critical moment that can influence the further development of the resource. The correct structure allows search engines to get to all pages and adequately index the entire website as a whole. This is necessary to ensure that all pages appear in the issuance of search engines, and the resource has a good position in the search engines.

How to start creating a website?

Also, an illogical structure increases the rate of failure – that is, the percentage of visitors who left the resource for one reason or another. Having become entangled in the sections of the website, it is easier for a user to leave it and to find something else than to try to understand the structure. A high failure rate in turn lowers the ranking of the website for search bots.

  1. Creating a design

Stages of developing a web site should go exactly in this order – first a structure and a framework are created, and then the design itself, that is the outer shell of the site, is developed for them. This consistency must be followed to save time and financial costs for the project. Re-design every time there is any inaccuracy in the structure is very difficult and requires a lot of resources.

  1. Implementation of design

After the design is created, the development of sites continues with its implementation. The interface should be put on the website and make sure that everything works correctly. At this stage, all links and buttons are checked. Developers are convinced that the interface works exactly as intended.

  1. Running and testing

This is the final action. Testing is important here. Developers check the correctness of all the functions of the site, monitor the download speed and errors that occur in the process. Often after testing, a list of bugs is made, which is corrected later.

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