Experts named TOP-3 technology for sites in 2019

Experts named TOP-3 technology for sites in 2018

Experts told about three trend technologies of web development in 2018, which in the future should become mandatory. Let us consider them in more detail.

  1. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

This is a website that works in the browser, but interacts with the user as an application.

Advantages of PWA:

  • easy to develop;
  • does not depend on the network status and can work offline;
  • it only takes about 2 MB on the device, while the other applications take about 23 MB;
  • collects general usage statistics;
  • works on any device where there is a browser;
  • looks attractive, produces a result quickly, works reliably;
  • takes first place in the positions of the field of SEO-development;
  • this application is served by the https protocol.

Experts at the website promotion agency say that thanks to the last two points, the PWA applications rank high in the search issue,

  1. Chat bots

This application of artificial intelligence in the client service. It allows the user of the site to quickly get detailed information, if at some point it does not appear in front of him. Correctly configured chat-bot creates the effect of communication with a living person. The bot has already been installed by such giant companies as Hilfiger and H&M.

Advantages of chat bots:

  • collects statistical data in the services of Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel and offers the potential customer the most suitable products and services;
  • replaces the need for public opinion polls, and makes a picture of the preferences of users thanks to likes and dislikes in social networks;
  • allows the site owner not to hire an additional employee to answer 90% of customer questions;
  • in addition to the site, chat bot can be installed in a popular messenger. This will allow processing applications and making sales directly through it, and clients will not leave the platform where they stayed before contacting you.
  1. AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is technology, which helps to accelerate the loading of the pages of the site (1 second). It has a special amp-html markup. It is especially relevant for mobile versions of sites in countries with poor Internet access.

Initially, this technology was used for news sites and the media, now it is already used for other complex projects. AMP eliminates the dilemma that arises from the work of UX (User eXperience) and monetization. Technology provides an ideal balance of the importance of the site appearance and the possibility of earning using it. UX is responsible for the user’s perception of content and everything around it.

Specialists emphasize that the Google search engine actively supports this feature. AMP pages occupy the first positions in the search due to the fact that they meet the requirements of fast loading.

AngularJS series

Start to work with the $http service. This service provides a way to asynchronously get data from a server. We will be using the public Northwind test data service to provide this test data.

We need to do two things to make this work:

  1. Set up a destination to the Northwind OData reference service.
  2. Remove our static data, and connect to this destination.
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